Courses taught include Intermediate Microeconomics in the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute (GPPI) and Economics of Poverty and Discrimination in the Economics Department at the University of Maryland. I have also taught the thesis workshop at GPPI, which includes serving as the thesis advisor for Masters of Public Policy Students and guiding them through the process of writing an empirically based thesis. Prior to coming to Washington, DC, I served as a teaching assistant, grader, and guest lecturer for a variety of economics courses at Cornell University; and received the economics department's Lewis Walinsky Award for outstanding teaching.


Having attending a small liberal arts college as an undergraduate, I recognize the incredible impact that devoted faculty members can have on their students. I am profoundly grateful to the professors I had as an undergraduate and I strive to have as positive of an impact on students that I teach as my mentors had on me.


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in more information on my teaching philosophy or experience, or if you would like further information about the syllabi or teaching evaluations from the courses I have taught.



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